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Which Payment Methods do you accept?

Cannaco currently accepts cash and debit cards for purchases with an ATM on site.

What is the Difference between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

The main difference between medical and recreational marijuana is two fold.  One is the dose - medical patients can buy larger dose per package (e.g 100mg recreational edible vs 400mg medical edible).  The other difference is the tax rate - recreational marijuana is taxed at a higher rate than medical.  Many of the same products are available under both classifications. 

Do you have to be a local or can travelers stop in?

Anyone over the age of 21, whether in or out of state, presenting a government issued picture ID can purchase recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Disabled Combat VET looking for decent prices! How can you help?

CannaCo always takes care of our veterans.  We offer a 10% across the board discount on any purchase. 

Are you open on New Year's Day ?

CannaCo is open every day 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays on which we operate a reduced schedule. 

So where can I get a $100 ounce of flower?

Cannaco has 99.00 ounces everyday!

How much can you purchase at one time?

Regarding the legal limits, here's a breakdown.  Anyone over the age of 21, in or out of state residents, can purchase recreational marijuana products, only in person at our store.  No shipping on marijuana products is allowed. The maximum purchase amount is 1 ounce of flower per transaction per day or 8 grams (1/4 ounce) THC contained in edibles/concentrates or combination thereof.  You can mix or match concentrates, edibles and flower.  The combination of items is pro-rated to calculate the maximum.

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