The insanely trichome encrusted and hard hitting, "Sour Kosher" is a rock solid Sativa dominant hybrid that was bred to perfection by the award winning crew at the one and only DNA Genetics. This cross between an old school legend and new school powerhouse brings forth large amount of extremely frosty and colorful buds that absolutely reek in the process. She most commonly churns out medium sized plants with a large Christmas tree-like structure that explodes with growth as they quickly fill in with heavy amounts of big, thick and ridiculously resinous flowers. When cultivating this beastly hybrid Sativa indoors you can expect her hefty yields to be ripe and ready in only 9-10 weeks while growing her outdoors or in a greenhouse will have you taking her down around the beginning to the middle of October at the the middle of October outdoors. Her powerful sour diesel fuel and OG Kush funk will easily out-stink anything else in the growroom and then fill your palette with a strong and heavy terpene profile that sits heavy on your tongue for quite some time afterwards. The "Sour Kosher" has a powerful Sativa dominant head high that comes on hard and fast with it's highly euphoric and visually stimulating buzz that is eventually teamed up with a slightly calming body stone that helps to melt away the pain without slowing you down one bit.

Sour Kosher Hybrid 23.00%


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